In a line: there's no substitute for good thinking, risk-reward tradeoffs, clear communication, and getting things done.


In a lot more lines, see what we think about the topics below, or ask. We usually have firm convictions on the things that matter.

Getting things done is the biggest competitive advantage an organization can have. All your clever strategy, products, marketing and sales evaporate in the face of bad execution. What's 'bad'. ,and how do we avoid it?

Strategy vs. Execution

Grow from your core. Just make sure you know what the core is. And what 'grow' means.


There aren't a ton of secrets here. You know the right things to do. The trick is in remembering to do most of them, most days.


It's more difficult for innovation to enter your core business than a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Let's enumerate the ways.


These need to start and end with the customer. It's a shame they get lost in the middle so often. Let's get the customer back in the middle - and keep our teams in step while we're at it.

Sales & Marketing

The days of buying based on having to have it should be drawing to a close, but they're not. You can always do a real cost-benefit analysis. You can sure as heck figure out the costs!


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